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The Decisive Battle The Decisive Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

BRO!!! Dude this rocks! Your complement and rating for my work means so much more having seen your work. The composition in this Decisive Battle is flawless imo.

My reason for the five stars is this: Color can sometimes take away from what's actually going on, but you really pulled it off nicely. This piece is colored sure, but has the value and quality of the b&w I personally like. I understand more where you're coming from having suggested I color mine. Definitely something I wish I had had time to do play around w more before submitting my work for this comp. Oh well though.

Also your choice of colors, blending, light/color reflecting with other colored objects, lighting and shadowing all work together really well and am liking the fish eye view too. So hard to do well and capture all you mean to. Characters are well depicted and the contrast between hard-edged dragon, vs furry kittens and both look like they belong to the same world....also hard to pull off. Awesome job man, I am continually humbled and only want to work harder on my own skills. Anyway bro, keep up the good work, God bless.